Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Another Puppy?

I'm sort of thinking my hubby needed another hound dog like he needed a hole in his head.

Of course he knew that my heart would melt when I met this little thing.  He's not stupid.  He knew we would have to keep it in the house and house train it.  He also knew that I don't like the mess, so I would clean up after her accidents. But this time around, if she makes a mess, ol' hubby is going to take some responsibility.  
I have to chuckle at that...he said he would.  But I haven't seen it happen quite yet.

Truthfully, when attended to properly, she does not have accidents except perhaps in the middle of the night.

Meet Dixie:

Cute as all get out right?  Morris can not say that he is impressed.  This is the 4th hound dog pup he's had to help raise.  He's actually being a good sport over the whole thing and doesn't mind taking a hike with Dixie.
He simply enjoys the fact that she has clumsy puppy legs and that he has the speed of a Jack Russell, he loves to run circles around her.

I can't take her for long walks yet as she is still too little. 

The day is young, the sun is shining and it looks to be a good day for Morris and I to set off on an adventure.


  1. She is very cute but don't worry Morris you'll always be number one!! Hope Dixie is a good puppy - she's sure landed on her feet :-)

  2. Thanks she is adorable!


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