Saturday, December 08, 2012

Morris thoughts on Holidays....

If Christmas were to be left up to pets, we'd just gather for some kibbles and chase a ball or toy, sniff each other's parts, and take a nap.  
Any growling or not getting along would quickly be sorted out and forgotten and forgiven.  
See how easy it could be???
I think we could all learn from our pets!

Morris says, smell your sister's butt, lick her face, toss a ball or Hedgehog at her [you can insert any relative in place of the sister]...go outside and pull down your pants and 'go' in the yard together, nothing like that kind of bonding.  Come in, eat, play, and take a nap.  No discussions of religion, politics, or anything else. 
What a smart dog!

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  1. Morris, you are so wise as always! Us muleteers totally agree, although we'd prefer some juicy carrots to bond over :-)


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