Sunday, December 09, 2012

Delightful evening walk

Grandma want to go for a walk?  Ariel asked me.
I thought about it for a moment, then decided...well a walk would be good.

We got our coats on and headed out the door together.  We walked alongside the road and breathed in the fresh crisp air and enjoyed the chill the slight breeze brought to our cheeks.

Ariel chatted about this and that.  As I walked alongside her I suddenly realized how much fun I was having and what a gracious young girl she really could be.
I felt very close to her...just me and her walking down the side of a fairly rural road.
We talked about stuff, nothing terribly important, yet nothing astounding.  Just 'stuff'.
And I found myself wishing that the end of the walk would not come.

A perfect Grandma moment.  I felt something stir deep inside of me that just wanted me to put my arms around her and sweep her off her feet.  I guess I just realized how much I really did love this child.

I'm not the easiest Grandma in the world to figure out, but I sure have those moments!  And I am looking forward ... hopefully for another nice walk with Ariel in two weeks.

Thanks Ariel for giving me a wonderful gift tonight.


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