Wednesday, December 26, 2012


While others were celebrating with family I practiced a wonderful tradition of my own.  Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful family Christmas with my stepdaughter and her family.  The week before I spent 'Christmas' with my essentially I had Christmas day to myself.
And I spent it wisely, I think.

I used my new over the glasses snow goggles to protect my face in the sub zero temps.

I took the puppy Dixie along with Morris for a walk in the valley and along the creek.
I ended up carrying both dogs as their feet got cold.  
No easy task, but fun and interesting never the less.

The quietness of the creek bottom was relaxing.  Dixie set up a fuss in trying to cross a downed tree.  Mr. Wonderful Morris ran back and 'showed' her how it was done.

Morris is an awesome little dog who is so full of energy and heart.  However yesterday he did show his age a bit...but not until we were done with the hike.

He laid in his special spot on the couch and remained absolutely still, even for petting.

Dixie is getting much larger than Morris.  Yet he still is the alpha dog and leads the way.  He helps her learn how to cross streams and climb logs.  He watches her and keeps an eye on me.

The creek bottom was beautiful.  It warranted the cold weather and the trek through the snow.  [Next time snow shoes!]

The perfect way to spend a Holiday.


  1. Looks like a perfect festive treat! Glad you had a nice day, here's to a fantastic 2013 :-)

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  3. Seems you did have a grand day; can't get much better in the company of best of friends~


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