Friday, December 07, 2012

Boy do I miss riding!

You know what?  I haven't been in the saddle for quite a while.  There are a LOT of excuses.  One of them was my work schedule and the horrible summer.

Now I wonder a bit if it isn't just because I lost Badger and I've needed time to want to invest my heart so heavily in another mule.   I mean it is impossible to ever again have what I had in that mule.
We trusted each other so much.
He took me everywhere I asked and kept me safe.
There is Opal with whom I've developed a real bond with.  I really like her, she has issues with most humans .... and at 29ish, I don't think I'm going to change her much.  She will come to me though.
She is as sure footed and smart as they come and wise too.  But at her age, I wonder how long we can ride together?
Then of course there is Siera who I had been working with and sort of just...stopped for the time being.  She is smart, moves along well, but it not sure of some things...or perhaps she just needs some more confidence with me on her back.
She is tender hearted and sweet.
Then there is Badger's little half sister Sunshine.  She is an excellent, wonderful, little Red Molly mule, a good ride, good temper, and ... well she can be like her mom, a bit headstrong at times!
I just need to get myself out of the 'Badger slump' and back into riding don't I? 

I guess I just miss him still.
So my promise to myself is to go out and dust off my saddles and start having some mule-person time.
It isn't like I don't have good choices now is there?  So what is my excuse???


  1. I really understand where you're coming from Val. It is so hard to get back to something when you have had perfection and sadly lost it.... Your mule gang all sound wonderful, I wonder if it's the mare / gelding thing? I love Callie with all my heart but I am never quite 'in love with her' as I am my gelding mini mule. I have always been the same with horses. I have learned to love the female-ness of Callie, guess she reminds me of me but I do like the straight forwardness of males!!

    Really look forward to hearing of your adventures, so wish we were in the same country - we could enjoy mule time together.

  2. That would be a dream now wouldn't it!


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