Monday, September 26, 2011

Mules are Smart?

It has been rumored that mules are 'smart'. Well I know a lot of 'smart' animals [my JRT is not counted amongst those, sorry, Morris].

But mules do sometimes exhibit interesting behavior.

Such as Badger, the tallest mule in the meadow, picking apples for himself when he feels like it.

The others that reside in his 'meadow' see him picking and know that when he grabs one from a branch that others will fall.

That is why you see the donkeys leaving the hay pile and watching Badger in this photo.

Donkeys are not dummies either. Maybe they are even smarter than the mule as they let Badger do the work for them.

Then here is Siera, sporting her new haircut.
She wasn't exactly super co-operative, but we got the job done without any fighting.

I consider that extremely important with a mule. If you can get the job done without a fuss, the mule will be so much happier with you.

And your relationship will be better especially if you get into a 'sticky' situation.

She is muddy just like all of her buddies from the recent rains.

Are mules smart?
Oh you bet your _ _ _ on it!

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