Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Magical Skid Steer

Every farmer should have one of these magical machines.

Only when you don't have access to it [hubby won't let me touch it], do you realize how wonderful they can be.

They can haul hay, water, plow snow, clean up a cow pen, dig a hole, move small trees, help with fencing,...they are magical.
If you can run one.

Hubby is sick right now and out of commission. So today I hauled 100 gallons of water in the back of his truck for our cattle. I longingly looked at the skid steer thinking how much easier things would be if HE would educate me on how to use it.

I could fill the bucket with hay and feed the cattle. It wouldn't take 3 or more trips with a wheel barrow up the driveway.
I could could do as he does when watering the cows. Not have to lug 5 gallon jugs by hand.

Heck, I'm thinking he won't let me learn how to use it because then I'd be doing cool stuff with it all of the time.

I'm wondering if he'd notice if I just got in it and started 'teaching myself' how to use it?

I sure could use one of these magical machines today!!!

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