Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Ride

After my Endurance experience this weekend, I decided that Siera was the next perfect candidate to replace Badger.

Badger has COPD or Equine ROA.
He can no longer compete.

Yet there is Siera.
Very cool.
Very forward.
Everything you might want in an Endurance or LD ride animal. She is curious, she is fast, she has stamina.

She also has issues.

Tonight I took her to the BIG Scary Creek. After 30 minutes she decided she could walk across it.
[This is something I've been setting up for about 6 months. A crossing that I could convince her...that it was her idea to walk across.]

Tonight it paid off.
And we followed IN the creek for a half of a mile.
No hesitation on her part.
She walked as if she was supposed to be there.
She walked hard and fast with a purpose. Just what you want in an Endurance animal.

In Short?
She was freaking awesome.
She marched down old deer trails as if they were something to be conquered.

I laughed, I smiled inwards and outwards...maybe I even gave out a War Whoop.

After the ride, we practiced a trot out. And then I clipped her mane.

She is now a working girl.

And I am dang proud of her.


  1. Sounds like an AWESOME time! I would LOVE to hear more about your adventures riding her in endurance rides!
    Even though Bling is my shinning LD/endurance star right now~ my hope it to give TAZ her moment in the LD/endurance spot light too! She might be getting older~ but all the wiser!
    Still hope to come up & ride with you sometime in the future. Maybe we can even do a LD/endurance ride together?!
    Keep us update! :)

  2. I did do some LD rides with Badger, but Siera is wayyyy...more motivated.

    She has the get up and boogie and is much more animated.

    Yeah...Colorama Classic is awesome and so it Palymra in the Spring!


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