Thursday, September 29, 2011

Going Fishing

I said "Let's go Fishin'!"

In two shakes of a lamb's tail the car was packed up and we were headed out.

What better time of the year I figure to take photos of the Mississippi River?

Oh yeah, in between day dreaming and playing with my camera, I'm supposed to put the worm on the hook thingy and cast it out into the water.

My husband gently reminds me that I should practice casting.

I laugh and say...
*Oh yeah? Well, I meant for it to land right there!*..and point to the obvious spot. *And even better yet, if I catch a fish, I really really did mean for it to go exactly there!*

He smiles as if I am his 'daft' child.

I hoot as my bobber disappears and goes under. I reel in a fish. It is bigger than my hand.
*Keeper?* I ask, knowing damn well it is.

He nods.
*See I meant to cast right there then, even if it looked like a flub. I should practice those flubs more, eh?*
I put the fish on the stringer and mess around with the worm a bit, then toss, er cast it back out.
He looks at me.
*You meant to put it there?*

*Oh yes, it is further out.*
I cast it further out so I could brace the pole against a rock and take some pictures. But I don't tell him that, I'm sure he's figured that out.

He mumbles and sighs. Changes his little lure thing and puts another thing on the hook. The line zings as he casts the perfect cast.

I pick up my camera and realize that the bobber has disappeared again.
I pull in another nice sunfish.
I look over at him and shrug.

*How come you are catching all the fish?* he asks to me, as much as to himself. I know he works hard at it and I don't.
I string the nice 'purply' fish admiring the pretty colors. I call it my purply - pink fish and he calls it a blue gill.
I argue that it is NOT blue, but pretty hues of purple. It should be called a purply-pink gill.

He rolls his eyes. He knows I'm just messing with him now.
He wonders out loud as to why I am catching so many fish.

I smile and pat him on the backside.
*Well, honey, you know I am a Fish Whisper-er!*

I pop a starburst candy in my mouth and grin.

We leave as the sun sets with a stringer full of fish. I know he has kept count, but I have not.
We both agree it was a perfect day.

We'd had a lot of fun.
And now we had some purply-pink gills to eat, to boot.

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