Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Live To RIDE! ~~by Morris

So SHE asks.
*Wanna go for a ride?*

Well duh.
What great and smart dog would pass up a chance to go for a ride on Badger and get to run down trails and find marvelously smelly nasty icky things
and make HER

*Icky Morris, Icky!*
But Badger is a cool dude. He was pretty sick this spring and summer but is feelin' pretty fine right now.

He is my pal.
I love to jump against his front legs when I am tired.
He'll stop walking and wait for me to get put up in the saddle.

I'm guessing that makes him pretty awesome.
We went to the 'Lost Valley'. Whatever that means.
It isn't Lost.
We aren't Lost when we are there.

Maybe it is just Lost for those who can't find it.
Anyway we found some ultra cool stuff on the trail.

One dead mangled raccoon body. SHE would NOT let me eat it or roll in it.

Some kind of 'coolo' 'shroom that SHE would not let me sniff or eat.
Lots and lots of water in the 'valley' stream.
Badger found a real deep crossing that came up to his chest.
I had to swim.
I think that I should have been allowed to roll in icky stuff since I had to swim the creek.

SHE did not think so.

We did a lot of stopping and just looking around.
SHE does that a lot.

I wish she'd be more like me.
Like to sniff at stuff and roll in things.

I'll keep trying to get her to 'see the light'. But somehow, I just don't get a visual of her chewing on road kill and bragging about it.

Until then, I'll just be happy any time I can go riding with HER.

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  1. That first shot of Morris in the saddle (presumably on Badger) describes your whole outing. If you ever want to keep a photo to summarize that dog ... that's the one! Wonderful to hear of your latest "very good day". I'm so happy for you all.


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