Sunday, September 04, 2011

How To Get Rid of Your Husband...

...for the day.
Shame on you for thinking anything else!!!

Wife gets home from a midnight shift and mentions to husband that she 'heard' from a co-worker who is a competitive fisherman about some great places to fish from the shore.

Husband gets this funny smile on his face and says, *Well you know I was thinkin' that it was too muddy after all of that rain we just got. I wouldn't be able to do much around here.*

Wife smiles broadly. *Yep, too muddy.*

Husband. *Well I could go fishin' for a bit to see what's biting while you are sleeping.*

Wife hides the smile and looks as though she is contemplating something seriously. *You know, I think that is a brilliant idea. Really I do.*

Husband hides his smile and then can't hold it back. *You don't mind?*

Wife makes a big yawn and waves her hand. *I really do think you should go and have a great time.*

Husband packs up the truck and Wife shows him how to work the cell phone.
Wife waves as Husband is grinning ear to ear as he drives off in the truck.

Wife sits a moment and admires the quiet of the house. Then looks around and gathers up laundry, vacuums, and sweeps floors.
How nice it is not to have Husband underfoot ... and the household chores go quickly.

Wife thinks that she perhaps she can convince him to do this a bit more often.
She smiles.

Chores are done.
House is cleaned [mostly].
Laundry is hanging on the line...and it is only 11 AM.

The house is peaceful and quiet.
It is nap time.

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