Friday, September 09, 2011

Badger + Kids = Fun

I've learned never to underestimate the strength and attitude of a good mule.

Badger has been feeling better with the cooler weather. This fall air has done wonders for him. Or perhaps it has been his time with Opal? :)

So when the grand kids came to visit, I took advantage of his moment of better health.
So I offered the kids a 'pony' ride on Badger and they jumped at the chance. I asked the neighbor kids if they wanted a ride too.
The older girl jumped at the chance.
I can recall as a child myself how wonderful it was to have an adult toss me up on a horse and lead me around. It hooked me on a life time of becoming a horse - equine person.

[I'm the one in front and my sister is the one behind me...we had our first pony ride on my Uncle's paint horse. It sealed MY fate with equine.]
The kids enjoyed it.
Badger loved the attention. He was his usual Mule-ambassador self. Quiet, well behaved, and very careful with his precious cargo.
It is days like this that I can pretend that he really isn't sick and my heart swells with pride and joy.
Even our young grand son enjoyed his ride with Grandpa. I couldn't tell who was smiling more, Grandpa or Dennis.

I'm hopeful that I can keep Badger healthy. Ariel asked if Badger was 'better' now. I told her sadly that no, he really wasn't. Only time would tell and I would hope that he didn't pass on.

The kids watched as I put Badger back into the meadow with the donkeys and Opal.

Ariel quietly said.
"Well, I guess it is in God's hands now."

It brought a lump to my throat and I couldn't say a word. But she was right.

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  1. Absolutely loved this post. Something magical DOES happen with equine & small children, the equine just seem to know!
    I too remember the very first time I was offered a ride on a real horse. I knew I'd always want horses.
    Thanks to my wonderful husband I now have my own small herd.
    I am happy that you're getting some really great weather to spend with your Badger~ Great pictures, great blog!!