Sunday, September 04, 2011

Getting Stung on the Bum ~ by Morris

She is at it again.
Putting on her camera backpack and her gun belt.

I sit in my crate shivering. Trying to 'mind meld' with her [pretty hard to mind meld with a human...and a female human at that!].
I'm sending her subliminal messages.


Lo and behold, she opens my door and asks if I'd like to come along!

She announces that we are taking a hike to finish cleaning up her mule trail in the Big Woods.

Off we go. I'm happy running circles of course and racing down the old donkey trail through the little meadow.
So much to smell and mark, so little she
keeps calling me to hurry it up.

We get to the creek bottom soon enough and she just marches along through the water, nagging at me to keep up.
Is this a nice hike or what?

She must have read my itty bitty mind as she grabs out her very awesome and sharp looking 'camp saw'.
She attacks berry briars, burdock, and multiflora rose that are hanging over 'her' mule trail.
She goes at it like a fury.

I hang back and watch, happy to stay out of the blade's way.

Wow. She can really go at it.

We follow the mule ~ deer trail and she stops to take a picture of some really ugly fungi. She says it was so ugly, it was kinda cute.


As we head towards home ... I mean she is doing the marchin' thing. No stopping and looking around, this is a female on a mission.
No time for rolling in icky stuff or sniffin' and enjoyin'.

As we get towards the end of the trail near the driveway I start poking my nose down in all the fallen apples.

Suddenly my butt is just burning and on fire!
I take off like a bat...well you know.

SHE calls me back! I make a big circle trying to bite my rear end.
Wow, it keeps burning and burning.

Like a good dog I run up to her. She bends down and plucks a wasp off my butt with her gloved hand.

...and for the first time on our hike she is all nicey like.
She pets me and gives me a big hug [even though I'm muddy].

She promises me another day in the woods were we can have more fun and I can roll in icky stuff.

She even said that.

I didn't know getting stung on the bum would make her so sympathetic.
She must really do love me a lot.

I'm a happy dog.

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  1. Poor Morris. :( Seems like him and Hopper had similar experiences. She bumped into a table that was holding a citronella candle. The candle fell over and hot wax poured all over her rump. It wasn't a good day for her either, but she got lots of loving!