Friday, February 05, 2010

Nature, Death, Coyotes, Beauty

All those words actually go together you know. Death occurs in nature. I'm not the sort of person to wonder why.
I know it occurs and accept it for what it is.

I was rather surprised though today to find a very fresh kill on my normal hiking route. A deer had been chased down and caught in the creek bottom. The photo of the skull has been toned down a bit in color, but what struck me was the bright red carcass against the stark white snow.

What I found amazing is that the coyotes had literally stripped the hide off in nearly one piece. It was fascinating to say the least. I'm not including photos of the carcass for obvious reasons.

But the tale was told in the bottom of the creek. I felt a bit strange, as though Morris and I were being watched while I looked around.
Morris was tied to a branch near me so he wouldn't wander out of my sight.
Scarves come in very handy.
Along side him is my camera 'hiking' bag [with trail mix!] and my varmint rifle. I had my pistol on my side.

I saw where the coyotes had left their trail dragging 'parts' with them. I decided our hike would take a separate direction this time out.

Yesterday, the deer carcass was not there. So the site is a very fresh one.

We continued downstream and Morris visibly relaxed but stayed very close to me. He kept turning and smelling the air.

I'm sure he is aware of coyote scent.
I won't be taking him with me tomorrow, it is mating season and small dogs...any dogs that get in their territory are 'coyote bait' so to speak.

The rest of our hike was uneventful. We rested on a rock and listened to the creek waters rush by.
A cardinal sang in and flew from tree to tree...bright red.
Morris and I shared trail mix.
Another reason he sticks by me I suppose. I'm a good source of certain yummy things.

An Easterly wind picked up and drove snow hard down into the valley. We decided to head towards home.
Both of us happy.

He is sound asleep as I type this and go through the photos from today.

Nature sure is interesting. Every day can bring some sort of adventure, death and beauty.


  1. Whoa, a very cool, yet stoic scene to behold. I clicked over from flickr and I'm so glad I did! Great blog. :)

  2. Thanks Christina.

    It was a stunning scene actually. Sort of man meets nature.
    I did feel like the intruder, but it was so fascinating at the same time.

    I'll be going back today.

  3. Nicely done Val. Also was very glad to see Morris tied up in the bright red scarf and glad to hear that he'll probably be staying at home today. Tread lightly and be safe!