Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baths~ By Morris

So SHE says,
*jeeze Morris you stink*
after I'd been running around while she was doing chores and making water go to the big tank for the mules to drink from.

I'd been playing with the hound dogs and Pressure [she's a hound] invited me in her doghouse to play. We wrestled and tumbled in her house until I get called.
SHE knows how to end a good time.

But I went back and Pressure tackled me again. Did I mention that Pressure is about 65 lbs to my 12 lbs?
She takes one of her big paws and pushes me down. I roll over and play dead until she lets me up.
Then we run around and around again.

I got full of straw chafe and got pretty mucky. I thought I smelled just right.
Panting and smiling, I ran to the house when called.

Then SHE informed me that it was bath time.

Jack Russells are not supposed to like baths.
I don't mind it really...unless SHE uses some sort of 'fruity' scented soap on me.

I always get wrapped up in a nice sweatshirt afterwards and snuggle down for a nap.
I smell like 'Sugar Vanilla'.
It'll be a while before I can hold my head up around the hounds.....

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  1. Keep it in mind Morris that SHE only does it because SHE loves you! You look quiet content after your bath... don't let those hounds hound you about smelling a little different.


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