Tuesday, February 16, 2010



My husband in 1962...or near there. I found these in an old album laying loose.

To think that in 8 years after these photos, he was drafted and went overseas. You look into the eyes of this young person and see some resemblance to the man I now know.

We all loose some innocence when we grow up, but in some ways he has lost more than just his childhood innocence.

It is striking to go through the old photos of him growing up and then compare them to those that are current.

Yet I still sometimes see those 'child eyes' on rare occasions.
I just have to look harder.


  1. My first husband and I lived in Northern California while we were still married. I remember one occasion during a severe thunder storm, that woke us in the middle of the night, when he found himself halfway down the stairs, shaking, before he realized that it wasn't incoming! I guess war would change most young men. I know that some (like my ex) will suffer from its effects for the rest of their lives. I was touched by your post, and I am glad that if you look deep into your husbands eyes that you are still able to see the innocence that was once there. I think that's called love!
    Great B/W photo of him BTW!

  2. Thanks MJ. Living with a veteran does have its moments. But I can say with utmost honesty that we have an incredibly special relationship.

  3. I enjoy looking a pictures of people at different stages of their lives. My husband was in the army at 20. Much to young for war.

  4. What a comparison. Really enjoyed reading your post this morning.