Friday, February 19, 2010

Country Girl goes to the city...

Everyone needs a buddy. Sometimes being isolated on the farm is really quite nice, and at other times you wish for someone to talk to.
[That is, someone other than the Jack Russell Terrier or mules and donkeys]

My husband is a fine fellow.
But he doesn't get the 'girl' thang. Where you can hang out with another female and just 'do stuff' and talk 'girl stuff'.

So this morning I headed out the door to meet a friend in the Big City.
LaCrosse is not a Big City. But compared to Folsom [4 farms]~it is a city.
We met at *Wally World* because it was easy for me to find.

We ended up at the mall where we walked and talked, had lunch and just plain enjoyed our friendship. We laughed.

Laughter is a great thing, it makes you feel good inside.

Thank you to my friend for knowing exactly what I needed today.


  1. I hear you on this one ... nice post. I can go for weeks and weeks and the "being alone" thing doesn't bother me at all. But occasionally I really need the same fix that you mentioned in your post. Not that our dogs aren't good listeners too, but they do lack in the opinion department. So glad that you took a little time out and had a nice day!

  2. You go girl. I did the same thing on Thursday. Drove 100 plus miles round trip to have happy Hour at the Lone Star and do a few line dances. She told me the funniest story of ex- inlaws.
    I quote "They planned the funeral for the 90 year old dame and she had not died by the time the event took place. Go figure. We think we have mad relatives.


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