Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Big Snow Adventure

Today was the day.

Morris indicated to me that he felt like going out in the cold and damp to do a photo-shoot. He was extremely happy to bring his toys along.

Curious though that he doesn't really have any interest in his 'house' toys while outdoors.

This made some of the shots much Jack Russell tearing the toys away and running off with them.

The stuffed toys were a HUGE hit with the Donkey gals.
I'll have to make sure they are included in *The Big Snow Adventure*.

The premise of *The Big Snow Adventure* is that Morris goes out with his good friends Harry and Crazy to show them what Snow is like.

They meet up with a rather confused animal that is convinced that he is a Snow Leopard.
Morris and his friends try to convince their new friend that leopards have spots and he has stripes.

That is about all that I can give away right now.

I must say though, that Morris was the perfect gentleman for this.

He did what was needed for me to get my 'shots' ... without cookies!

I think he wants to be the 'star' in yet another *Adventure* book.

Kudos Morris!... and thank you.


  1. Yes, Morris does look like he is enjoying his fame in the spotlight. However, that shot of the donkey stare-down is priceless!! In unison no less.....

  2. It is amazing how curious the donkeys are. I was able to take about 14 photos.

    ...and they still did not move away!


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