Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Cavalier is Possessed

I had no idea that cars can become 'possessed'. The Cavalier has been acting strangely lately.

Of course it didn't start with me, but when my hubby borrowed it to drive to Madison and back one day. He said the dome light wouldn't shut off.
I drove it the next day and it was just fine.

Then a day later I noticed the dome light had come on and didn't fade as it usually does. Hmmm.
That night all seemed fine. Except now the dome light did not come on when I opened the passenger door at night, but it did when I opened a back door. It wouldn't shut off unless I opened and closed one of the front doors.

Another week goes by and nothing special happens.
Until last night.
When I hit the bumps on Hwy 56 outside of Romance on the way to work, I noticed the dome light came on. Okay, that was interesting. But, since it was daylight I never gave it a second thought.

When I started the Cavalier to come home last night the dome light came on and then faded away until I put the lights on.
Dome light on.

I pulled over and stopped at the wayside.
I opened and shut the driver's door..dome light off.
When I turned the corner in Genoa and flipped my brights on....
Dome Light.
This is beginning to piss me off.

Hit the brakes, Dome Light.
Go from Park to Drive, Dome Light.
Dim to Bright...Bright to Dim..., Dome Light.
Shut off the car,
Dome Light dims and goes out.
Start the car, Dome Light on...and off.
Bump=Dome Light.

Finally I gave up and just drove home with the light on which was not pleasant at all.

The car is possessed.
[Obviously it is a short?]

Anyway, tonight...I take the truck.

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