Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's go for a walk...

These are rare words out of my husband's mouth.

Rare, rare, rare.

I can count the times on one hand in our time together he has simply suggested a walk for the sake of walking.

I know it hurts his knees and now it is even worse since he suffers from Plantar fasciitis.

Of course there was another reason, he wanted to walk his coon hound pup, Dot.
[I of course call her Dottie and have been exercising her]

But he is her master and she really does mostly have only eyes for him.
I volunteered to come along [with camera of course!] and keep him and Dot company, even though I'd just returned from a rather hard hike in the deep and softening snow.

He claims to be a 'tough guy' and can sometimes be a bit gruff towards his animals. But I think they see through him.

He isn't such a 'gruff' fellow. I think he's rather tender when no one is looking.

It was rather comical to follow along with the camera yesterday. I stayed far enough away that I hoped Dot would listen to her Master and not pay attention to me.

That wasn't always the case. Dottie would run like mad to me and then run like mad back to Rich.
She was so happy to have two humans to play with, I think.

I had to wipe the smirk off my face when 'Dot' wouldn't 'come' when called one time. My husband turned to me with a look on his face.

I squatted and called out to Dottie, she came barreling in to me.
I shrugged.

To be out with my husband any time is simply a joy. More so when we can take a short hike together.
No matter what the circumstances.

Time well spent with each other and our animals.


  1. Dot is really getting big! I so enjoyed your post today. Very nice, and I can tell by the photos, and your words, that you all had a very nice outing. Nice, very nice!

  2. Thanks MJ it was special in many ways.


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