Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

On February 5th Morris and I stumbled upon the fresh deer kill by coyotes. The coyotes fled as we walked up on the scene.
Morris was scared and pretty nervous. In my opinion he had shown good common sense for a 12 lb dog.

20 days have passed and one would not even know that this had taken place in our creek bottom.
The skeleton is gone, it disappeared sometime within the last 5 days.

Since this trail is on one of my regular hiking paths, we went this way again today.
The sun was out and even though the temperatures were quite chilly, the sunlight felt good. Once we dropped below the ridge, it was quite pleasant.

I was pretty sure that I'd be able to find some interesting ice or frost formations with the recent melt and cold we'd been having.
On we went, Morris and I, down the steep trail. Me, slipping and sliding, grabbing onto berry briers and thorn bushes as I made my way down the 'critter' trail.

Morris hasn't been accompanying me on the last few hikes because the coyotes are in season and are fairly territorial this time of year. But the poor fella really begged to come along once I put on my camera pack and coveralls.

He is good about obeying me and sticking close by.

As I peered into the bottom of the creek from the high bank, I was greeted by a hissing noise.
Oh hello Mr. or Miss Opossum!

Brave Morris stood directly behind my legs and peered between them.

He wanted absolutely nothing to do with the 'possum. And frankly, neither did I.
Some folks have claimed that 'Possum are cute. I suppose they've never been on the snarling end of one.
It is rare to find one out in the daylight.
I was pleased that I'd brought my long lens.

This was the 'beast' according to Morris, who was curious but not curious enough to get as close as I did.

Further on down the creek we found the things we had set out looking for. Morris, a good place to roll in something smelly.....

Me, some interesting frost and ice.

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