Sunday, February 07, 2010

Winter color

Winter tends to become somewhat colorless ... whites, browns, gray skies. It is a great time if you dabble in photography to test yourself.

What can you come up with?

Should you make a photo black and white?

Should you edit it?

Do you hunger for colors? [I do all the time but love the challenge that winter brings]

Yesterday while out on my daily hike, I walked through our creek bottom. Sometimes each day can bring a new surprise.

Overnight the coyotes had revisited their deer remains. All that is left now are bones and the hide.
The skeleton is red tinted and very eerie looking. From a distance it looks pinkish against the backdrop of snow and footprints.

I found some open running water by one of our springs and knelt down over it to listen to the music of the creek.
I found colors!
Blues and golds~a splash of color.

And I was pleased.


  1. Beautiful winter scenes indeed. Unfortunately I am not that creative. My photography needs to continually be refined. I have much to learn! :)

    I have much respect for you living in a place where winter lasts so long and is so cold.

  2. But you are very creative! Look at those wonderful figurines you make!

    I have much to learn in photography also, it is a never ending process!