Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A stroll in Narnia

Today I went to Narnia.

Not the storybook Narnia...but the neighborhood Master Gardener's property. I strolled down a wood chip path across a small bridge to a park like area.

I chose to explore all of the paths this lady has made through her property and each time I came around a curve, I found something interesting and beautiful.

I have many photos of course, but these are just a few of the things I found interesting.

I still think my brother and sister in law have an evil plot to make my lifestyle healthier.

Joan and I went 'running' again on the 'commons'. For the first few minutes I felt as though someone had put lead weights on my legs.
After I got warmed up and was 'perspiring' or 'glowing', my old body felt so much better and we jogged along the grassy paths.

A quick shower and we were on our way to a Volleyball game in Orange County. [I think~since I have no idea where we actually went...]

This was my second opportunity to use my camera indoors.
Last night I went to the team's practice and 'practiced' indoor photography~~~
Last night's practice:

[Awesome girls, eh?]

What a huge difference to doing outdoor work.
The girls were awesome tonight [they won!] and I took 250 some photos of the game.

I enjoyed the new challenge and almost wished that I could do this more often. [The Volleyball games!]


Gosh, I think there is a manicure and a pedicure happening [never had one!] along with a nice lunch at a vineyard...then home for more 'running' and perhaps a photo session at my nephew's soccer practice?

I am being kept very busy!

...and loving every second.

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