Thursday, September 10, 2009

The end of the day...

In my life there is seldom things that make me just go...

Tonight was one of those.

I rode Siera today.
No pictures for obvious reasons.
We went in and out of the woods and did hills and ravines.
Let me say that she did well and the ride was fantastic.

Tonight I wanted to go with a couple of the 'old timers'. Fred, my husbands pony mule of 24 yrs of age? ... and Badger, who is around 14 yrs old.

We went out to watch the sun set and look at the leaves which are starting to change colors.

One word of caution.

Old mules can be stupid~er than some young mules.

Tonight ... ol' faithful Badger decided that after a few hours of riding~~when I asked him to step through some thistles...he gave a 'bump'. I was instantly sitting on his neck and
then slid down off his head.

My hubby was frantic...
'Was I okay?'
'Did I get hurt?'

I tried to convince him it was a new way of dismounting and I thought we'd try a circus act...

Just when you think 'old reliable' is perfect, he'll pull one on you.
Just means that you always have to pay attention when mounted on a mule, doesn't it???

Our evening ride was fantastic.

My day ride with Siera?

Oh La La! She is something else.

Big bucks don't bother her.
I'm thinking that I am beginning to really really like her!

Don't tell Badger!

[Or was that the reason for the neck sliding tonight??? ;-)]


  1. I have this 99%'s that 1% that will always get ya! Yep, never say never, AND maybe Badger is a bit jealous.
    Your photos of the evening ride are spectacular...nice silhouette. The old pony mule should be proud.

  2. I like the idea of a neck slide as a circus act as long as it's YOUR idea and not his. I'll be he is a bit peeved. I know Rosie has been so I have been taking her out, tying to a hitch rail, rubbing her down and spraying for flies. Then I give her some pelleted feed with yummy black sunflower seeds on top and give her all the time she needs to eat that. Then I just give her a few minutes of one on one and that has helped her alot. I do talk to my animals and I told her that she doesn't need the training this young mule does so I'm giving her a short reprieve and we'll get back to spending a little more time together. It is tough when you have a young mule and an aged mule and you love them both for their different personalities. Give Badger a hug and kiss and apologize to him and he'll apologize to you. Keep up the good work with Sierra!! My hubby says "cowgirl up" and "cowgirls don't cry". I thought about knocking him out. Ha ha ha!!!! Have a great weekend!!