Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet Mica

Meet Mica.
14.3 hands
Aged: 13

She is a grey roan molly mule who was born on Duane and Jane Anderson's farm in Spencer, Iowa.
We first met Mica while visiting some friends in Missouri. A young man named Chris French was riding her and roping off from her.
My husband was looking for yet one more mule that could he could compete with while team penning.

Rich brought Mica home in 2001 while I was in Hawaii with my father [hmm, how convenient!].
Mica was 4 years old, flashy as you can see with her gray dapples which each summer fade to a little more white...each winter she does retain some gray.

I have not ever ridden Mica, but have done much with her. I of course, catch her and get her tacked up for hubby when I want him ~~~to git his butt moving so we can ride~~~. She has some of the best ground manners I've ever seen in a mule.

She does work cattle very well. But mostly we use her for trail riding.
She is not what I'd consider 'kid broke' unless a kid knew how to operate a mule that is a thinker and a doer. She has a sweet true western rein to her, and will do slide stops and turns.

Mica hates to be stalled alone [what mule does?]. Sometimes Mica thinks her name is 'Dammit' Mica.
She's a keeper and fun to have. She's one of those go anywhere and do most anything kind of mules.

One day I'm going to sneak out and ride her!


  1. Nice to meet Mica! I can't imagine that you haven't taken at least one little ride on her when nobody is looking.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH Mica are you every beautiful. Dapple gray is my FAVORITE color!! Just tack her up and climb aboard. You'll be just fine. If you can train and ride a young mule you can ride Mica!! Just take off alone then it will be kept between you and her!!

  3. Oh I have other favorites which you all will meet!

    Thanks for the nice compliments!
    Mica says thanks too.