Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sometimes it is a 'crap shoot'. This morning was one of those instances.

I'd gone to the ridge top to watch the sunrise with my camera in hand. It was a pretty nice sunrise, with the fog rolling in at the same time.

I tried several exposures and shots. Photographically speaking ~~ it was a 'so-so' kind of sunrise. The fog softened the colors nicely, but there was no big pizazz!

When I got home I turned around and looked up towards the shed where my husband was making Cheyenne's morning feed.
Cheyenne was pacing back and forth and suddenly she stood rock still.

I had no time to check my settings [what had I last used it on? Manual???...I didn't know]

I lifted the camera focused and prayed that it would come out.

~~~and I was WOWED.

So this morning's shooting lesson for me goes back to my Dad's philosophy on photography:

Don't study it too hard.
Have a camera in hand and be ready.

Dad always had me pretend to compose photos. He lent me his monstrous Pentax camera with the long lens and let me 'shoot' and 'compose' pictures.

He taught me how to see things as if I was looking through a lens.
He taught me how to always stop and notice [would this look good? would I compose it?]

I did it so often that it became the way I saw things.

Ironic though isn't it? I've suffered from vision problems most of my life and through the camera I am comfortable truly 'seeing'.
I have Amblyopia and had Strabisimus [which was corrected by surgery].

Yet I suffer from a certain lack of depth perception and Diplopia [faint double vision].

I grew up with it, so this is normal for me.

So I truly do see differently that others!!!

But...what a wonderful world I see...

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