Friday, September 04, 2009

Oh what a great little mule!

Meet Siera...all saddled up and ready to go!

Today we graduated from the round pen and the fenced pastures. We had our first ride out of confinement.
...and it was sweet.
She also had her first 'water bottle' training. She was startled when I took a long drink from it.

When we were finished with 'water bottle training', she was fine with water being squirted on her head, ears, neck, and all of the strange and odd noises I could think of to make while slurping up water.

We rode up the driveway, a bit into the woods, and practiced standing still.

She is ready for the trails. Yee haw!!!

Yes, she looks like Badger, but is only 14 hands as opposed to his 15...and she has a brand and some different coloring in her face.
When she is startled, she simply picks up her ears and 'gaites' out fast.

I can ask her to whoa and she will.

By the end of our ride, she had those big beautiful ears flapping.

What a good girl.


  1. How exciting, and what a sweet girl. Only a mule person can really appreciate how those flopping ears can tell the whole story. Good girl Siera!

  2. Thanks so really felt quit wonderful.