Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a Nice Day.

Really it was.
I got home at 8:30ish AM from work and then decided to go straight to bed.
I got up at 1PM and felt refreshed.

Morris was giving me the eye, it said *let's go play!*

I saddled up Badger and we took off on an adventure.
I'm sure Badger had been feeling much neglected in the recent days since I'd been riding Siera so much.
Sure as ever, he picked his way on the deer trail, seeming to know exactly where I would want to go.
Morris happily followed, finding wide spots in the trail to zoom past and run ahead only to turn around and run back.

Soon enough Morris did get tired... and

asked for a 'lift' from Badger.

[okay~~not a graceful photo, but you get the idea]

Mr. Morris is sound asleep on the couch, curled up on my sweatshirt where he will stay until I come home in the morning.

I am so lucky to have such fun and dedicated animals in my life.


  1. By the looks of all the leaves on the trail you have had some cold, Fall weather.
    Morris is a kick...reminds me of a tree climbing dog we had when I was a kid. No stopping him!

  2. No real cold MJ, but we've had a very long dry spell and the stressed trees are dropping their leaves.

    ...Morris will climb trees!


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