Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ride the Ride...

I got out of the trailer and began saddling up Siera for her first ever off our farm ride. We were at Wildcat Mountain State Park in Ontario, WI.

Funny, for some reason I wasn't nervous at all. I thought perhaps, I should be. But I had confidence in the ability and good common sense that this little 14 hand mule had shown me so far.

My hubby had brought his good seasoned mule, Mica.

We'd decided to take the easier trails offered at Wildcat.
Siera soon took the lead, walking with her ears flopping and eagerly looking ahead. Her pace was smooth as silk.

We rode the Red Trail, which winds up and down through the valleys and hills. In most places it is pretty wide open and two animals can ride side by side. Here is the view from on top of Johnny Cake.

When we got into some single foot tough stuff on a steep hillside, I let Mica lead the way. At first Siera seemed to want to rush going down steep hills. But this was a learning trip for her.

She learned that she could slow down and be careful on steep downhill grades.
She learned that we do NOT jump tree roots, logs, and other things across the trail. [she only had to be shown this once]
She learned to watch where her feet were being placed.
She learned poise.

WE learned:
Siera is very forward and curious.
She will lead or follow.
Strange items [such as the car in the gulley, the mule eating pine, other horses, a pile of wood, and fire rings] are worth a look, but not worth much else.

In short, she made some of our experienced mules look a bit foolish. She was quiet, well behaved, and she acted like an old broke mule.

...and finally, back at Day Camp~~she was eager to 'do it again'.

I think I am prejudiced...but oh my ~~~
I think I love this mule!!!


  1. Very, very nice! Not much else to say...very, very nice!

  2. Aren't we so lucky to have two wonderful mules in our lives? I am so happy for you and Siera. I know what you mean about the hurrying down steep stuff. That is not so fun!!

    Happy trails to you!!

  3. I am lucky to have these mules that are so nice.
    I'll have to introduce you all to each of our really good mules. That might be fun!

  4. Yes, every once in a while a new mule shows up in one of your blogs that I've never heard of before. I'd love to hear a little about the rest of your family....the white mule that you husband was riding looks very nice. Have you had it for a long time?

  5. in fact mj...i will do a write up on Mica, the mule hubby is on tonight while on duty and post about her!

    i have mules from all over with fun and interesting histories, as well as the home raised mules!