Monday, September 28, 2009

Come play with me~~

Meet Bailey [I think that is how you spell her name].

She, along with Marmalade and Silver live with my brother's family here in Virginia.

Bailey~~is ... well, let's just say that she is 'independent' cat personified. She has attitude.
But I enjoyed pointing the camera at her anyway.

I skipped out the door a little before 8:30AM EST and went to play in the woods [common area] in my brother's neighborhood. You can see so much and not really have to go far.

I sat by a small pond and watched the sunlight reflect on the water.
A giant snapper turtle poked his head up out of the water ~~ he had something he was chewing on.

I was a bit repulsed but took his photo anyway. I think the snapper is cleaning the pond of 'carrion' that was in the water.
[I may post his photo later as it is still on my other camera]

Today was a wonderful day to just walk around and enjoy the warm sunshine. I took 3 hrs to just walk and explore.

Tonight I went to watch my brother coach his volleyball team and took photos of the practice.

Now~~that was interesting and fun as I'd never used my Nikon D40 inside before with a telephoto lens and was not sure of what the results would be.
I was satisfied enough to decide to 'shoot' the game tomorrow night.

GO Western Albemarle Volleyball!


  1. I know that you absolutely love all your animals, but it is nice to see you get away from the work end of keeping them. It sounds like you are enjoying your week away, relaxing with the snapper turtle at the pond. AND I'm glad that you have access to a computer and that you are sharing your time spent away from your mules and your job. (I bet you miss Morris though.,.he'd love to watch that turtle with you).

  2. Morris misses me terribly I am told.

    But I AM enjoying wandering about the Virginia Countryside with just a camera and my imagination to contend with!

    The turtles cleaned the pond btw.

  3. Enjoy yourself and your camera. I am sure that all your critters miss you in some way, but sometimes one has to get recharged. Be safe!!


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