Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Sunshine Saga continues...

The official diagnosis as it stands right now is 'Sweeney Shoulder'.
I have certain reservations about that as it also seems to involve some traumatic injury to her ligaments in her knee. So we have more than one issue happening here....

Yet I think it is important to follow this through on this blog, so that others may gain some insight if they come to a similar problem......

You can read about it here:
Sweeney Shoulder...don't give up.

Many people would ask themselves if the time and effort combined with the dedication for physical rehab of an animal such as a mule would be worth it.

I think you only need to look at the photo to understand what I think.

It may take 6 months. She may not come out of it.

But what is 9 yrs of work compared to 6 months?

Hope Floats...
Hold Tight...

The end of the story may not be happy, but we must not give up on hope.

This is the tenacious thread I hold onto.

I expect to go through some up and downs with this [yeah, I've already been doing that!]

But we will wait .. and we will see.

I like the word *Hope*.


  1. I think you have already put a lot of time into this mule and I think you will put whatever time in her that it takes to either get her well or send her to Bill's dad. He needs a good mule!! We both know a "good mule" is priceless and timeless. Go where your heart leads you and know that the Garmans will be praying with you!!

  2. Thanks so much CML!