Sunday, August 23, 2009

Morris Rides Again...

As Morris sees it:

You know, when I see Val get out the curry comb, I just know there is a chance that she'll be taking Badger on a ride into the Big Big Woods.
I like taking hikes with her, don't get me wrong.

But going with that big bay mule is nice. We go into all sorts of places and stop to look at things. Val usually gets off and takes pictures of things that of course...I have to come along and 'mark'.
[After all, I have to 'make' it my territory.]

Badger is cool. He never is bothered by me walking right on his heels or when I dart between his legs to go roll in something very yucky and disgusting. In fact, I think he laughs a little when Val goes *OH NO Morris, bad dog!*
Sometimes I like to grab some mule poop just to make her cringe.

Today was nice and warm and we went far and far. I don't know, but I think I went the farthest because I kept running ahead and circling behind Val and Badger trying to get all the good sniffs I could.
Lots of good sniffs out there, too bad people can't smell like I can.

When Val and Badger headed up the ridge road past the fields I decided that I was tired. So I started my routine of looking absolutely pitiful and giving Val those sad Jack Russell googly eyes.
Panting heavily works too.
Along with jumping on Badger's front legs.

Badger stops and Val tosses me in the saddle. She remounts and we are off, me...sitting in the lap of luxury while Badger does all the work.

Nice view from up there, and comfy too.

Don't I just look absolutely cute and adorable riding?

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  1. Yes Morris, you do look absolutely cute and adorable up there on Badger.