Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Sunshine update...

We thought she was getting better.

Go ahead and think...right?

Last night I pulled her from her stall and noticed that within the past 4 days since I last gave her a real good 'touch over' ~~

I was quite shocked to see that she had atrophied in the chest and shoulder much so that you can nearly see all of her scapula and elbow.

The whole 'works' wings in and out as she tries to walk. ...and she can barely walk very far.

I'm waiting on a call from the vet right now.

Sunshine doesn't seem to be in pain, but tolerates stall confinement. Once we move her outside...or if she tries to quickly turn around in her stall, she nearly falls, crossing one leg over the other.

I am heart sickened.

I'm not asking for prayers or sympathy. Just wanted to let you know that I am being self indulgent between work, Sunshine, and everything else going on here.

My waking sleeping and working moments are interrupted by flashes of Sunshine laying in my lap when she was born...all gooey and messy.

Times I called her names...

The pride I felt on our first solo ride...

You get the idea. I'm hosting my own pity party right now ~~ I didn't think it would hit me like this.

I know, I should wait to hear what Doc says. We'll probably have to take her in again.

I'm feeling quite grim.

More news when I know something.


  1. I've tried three times to write a comment, and each time I have erased what I started to say. Just know that I'm thinking of Sunshine, and hoping the your vet comes up with some answers for you all. I will remain optimistic for you.

  2. Thanks MJ, I know that we are all pulling for her and it is so hard to respond to someone's 'hurt' and pain, I never know what to say myself.

    I thank you.

  3. Val,

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I hope an answer can be found for Sunshine; she is such a sweet soul. Give her lots of love, and a scratch from me.
    With you in spirit,

  4. Thank you Sue...I've been a basket case and expect I will be off and on through this.

  5. I am so sorry to hear this. As has been said I don't know what words will help except I am praying for all of you and thinking of you in this tough time. Keep thinking of the good times right now.