Monday, August 03, 2009


Have you ever noticed [if you are a rider...that you can get GRUMPY if you don't ride???]

[I used to do distance running...I was addicted to that, if I didn't run for a few days I got antsy and felt horrible...I think riding is the same for me!]

I am one of those.

Truly I am ...I get down right mean and ugly. yesterday hubby stopped me when I had a halter and lead rope....

He said, *Whatchya doing?*
I said, *Grabbing Badger for a quick ride! Then coming back to hand walk Eddie and take in the sheets off the line...*

He asked if I'd dusted the furniture.

[Wasn't he grateful that I'd just spent the morning vacuuming, laundering, washing the bathroom floor, kitchen floor, tidying things up, and picking up things I'd been dropping here and there? My work schedule has been absolutely bizarre and I've been working nights so my whole life is upside down at the moment.]

I blew a silent head gasket.

DUST is dust. It is NOT important to me.
So I cleaned our HUGE house. [24' by 26' with a half story....4 dressers...]

I took all knick-nacs down. Cleaned every surface ... including the walls...and did it with a nasty attitude.

I'd wanted to catch a few minutes of riding with Badger to help sooth over my feelings for Sunshine.


I am Grumpy if I don't get to ride.

And not ashamed to admit it!

[You know what? The thing is...the house really really did need a dusting very very badly~~you could write in the dust]

Me bad.

But boy the house sure sparkles this morning. I'm looking at the windows and wondering when the 'window fairy' will show up to clean them!


  1. Hmmph! You should've pointed him in the direction of the Pledge and a rag!



  2. Well that did cross my mind, except I think his arms won't work with a dust cloth!


  3. Wax on wax off (from "Karate Kid) ha ha ha. Yes I also am addicted to riding and I absolutely refuse to clean house if I can ride instead and I don't think housework should EVER come between a woman and her mule(s). Next time try dusting quickly with an old saddle pad or maybe hubby's pad? Tehehe!!!!