Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Day of the Animals

Some days are just fantastic, you know? I like those days.
First off, I ran to town to get groceries and hurried home [after chores] so that I could have some nice, peaceful time to ride Badger.

Of course, I had to contend with the 'guard pony' when I got home. He does move when you either honk or roll your window down and ask him to step out of the way. [This is Lil' Richard, our all natural 'weed wacker'.]I got the groceries unloaded, lunch made ... and well, what else is there?
I got Badger out and we went for a nice long quiet ride.

Just me...Badger, and the noise of leather creaking.
scent of
literally hundreds of queen anne lace blossoms...


A deer trail...and a creek...
The ravine with the cave...

And of course...a favorite stop at the apple tree to grab a munch or two.

Now comes the exciting news.

I rode Siera outside the round pen yesterday.
First we went through the basics inside the round pen.
Then moved out into a paddock so she could have distractions.

Then we moved to a bigger field where she could have space and distractions.
We worked together for quite a while, who keeps track of time while mounted?

No pictures of our workout though. I don't allow myself to be distracted with
a camera while working a green mule.

As the sun set, I hand walked Sunshine.

I was able to say that my day was wonderfully filled with equine.
Ain't it great?


  1. Some of my most memorable lifetime moments are those with animals when something just "clicks. Not the big events in life, but the the little steps that make you smile or when you are just pleased that they actually happened....Learning together, like the first time your mule moves with a little leg pressure, picks up the right lead, or when the mule seems to enjoy an outing as much as you do. Sharing an apple tree with your favorite mule, now that's worth remembering!

  2. That sound like a great day Val. My riding friend Jeanie is either in Washington State or on a boat headed for Alaska to see her grandchildren that live there. We are getting ready for next weekend and I think Bill wants to try to pony Mocassin today so I guess we'll ride a while today. Then I need to get into the trailer and clean the living quarters and tack area so we are ready. Lots of work goes into this show and Bill is show manager so he wears many hats and has many duties. He sets up all the patterned classes and then I don't get to see them until everyone else does. That's OK. We'll have fun anyhow (Rosie and I).