Monday, August 24, 2009

A little hike today

I like hiking as much as riding.
So this afternoon I took 'the dog who thinks he is a body attachment' ~~ Morris, and Eddie the donkey for a little hike into the woods.

Eddie was extremely happy to get out of his paddock and go for a stroll in the woods. He was even more pleased to follow me after I'd picked an apple from a scrub apple tree and gave it to him.
I think he suddenly believed that I could pluck apples from mid air.
I'm not a firm believer in 'hand treats' but if Eddie believes I have something, he is much more willing to travel along.

If anyone has ever tried to lead a reluctant donkey they will know what I mean.
Meredith Hodges who is a world renowned mule and donkey trainer does advocate treats as a means of impulsion for donkeys. But only in the beginning stages.

Well, this being my first donkey from birth to saddle, I'm taking all the help I can get. If Eddie will follow in these beginning stages with a little incentive, then later on he should follow because he is just plain happy to.

Pictured are some things we found on our hike.
The snake is a Brown Snake and eats slugs, snails, and earthworms.
The second picture is of some newly forming Turkey Fan Fungus.

It was a very pleasant day for being with my equine and canine friends.

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