Thursday, August 06, 2009

Just a few

Sunshine is not extremely happy with her stall rest. Though we are thinking that this is doing her some good. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she gets through this ligament tear and it heals with 4-8 weeks of stall rest.
She'd rather be out playing...alas....

Sunshine's half sister Sundance is now two months old. She is the opposite of Sunshine! Total attitude! Here she is trying on a halter after a game of 'catch me if you can'. This will be remedied today by a new paddock with a 'catch pen'. She will get caught each day from here out and handled.

Let's not forget to mention Morris. He is not an equine, but my JRT who is my side kick and always accompanies me everywhere.

Indian Pipes:
They are coming up in the woods now. Such an interesting plant. They are considered part of the blue berry family and have no chlorophyll!

Well off to catch up 5 riding mules for the farrier.
Enjoy your day...touch an animal and make your life better.


  1. I certainly hope the stall rest does it for her. Morris - what a guy. I have a Barney dog very similar to him. He doesn't like the equine though. He camps in the trailer with us but that's as far as he intends to go with the equine thing, but I also have a Fred dog that ALWAYS goes riding with us. He doesn't do vehicles and camping - he keeeps up the home front. I agree - touch an animal and they'll touch your heart. The animals are our stress relief believe that or not. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. At least in the photo Sunshine looks rested. Maybe with a little more time she will resolve herself to a life in a box! She may come around yet...
    Sundance does have a certain sparkle in her eye, and a very pretty head. Can't wait to hear more about her progress.
    What can I say about ever-ready Morris, that photo speaks for itself.
    25, oh my gosh! That is a lot of hooves, heartbeats and lives to touch. Somehow I think they are all very lucky to have you (and you them)!

  3. oh i am i am!

    crazymulelady, morris rides on Badger with me....and anything else he can hop on.

    mj~we keep our farrier well paid and make sure he is very happy.
    he never did mules and donkeys until he did ours and loves doing them, they are well behaved.