Sunday, August 23, 2009


[see the humming bird on the branch?]
I was feeling a bit distracted, somewhat at a loss...and a touch blue. Why?
Gosh only knows, it seemed to be one of those days that I felt myself in limbo.
My hubby said, *Hormones*...yeah that got a smile.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pick something to blame things on?

I grabbed my camera and headed towards the wooded pasture. Perhaps some time spent looking through a lens would help chase away this feeling of unrest.

I made it to the 'wash', evading the mob of jennet donkeys that wanted my attention by ducking under the hot wire. Once there I thought of climbing down into the creek bottom, but decided against it this time. I sat down on the trunk of a downed maple and considered what exactly did I want to do?

I was in the middle of hundreds of 'snapweeds' or 'touch me nots'. I sat with my hands in my lap waiting for a strike of inspiration.

What happened next was a total and complete surprise. I heard chirping and whirring. I sat very still as dozens of little gray hummingbirds began to seemingly appear out of nowhere. I watched as they darted and dipped in the dappled sunlight~~whirring from one orange touch me not to another~~so fast as to be nothing but a blur to the eye.

I lifted my camera and suddenly they were gone. I put the camera back in my lap and sat still as stone.
After a few minutes of patiently waiting, they were back. Chirping, whirring, and dancing amongst the flowers.

I watched and listened to them for quite a while.
They sure taught me the value of patience.

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