Thursday, January 08, 2009

Taking a dunk

Out on my last hike I decided to climb down a very steep bank, under many broken limbs and tree branches to catch the above photo.

To get the angle right I stretched my legs over the width of the creek. The right foot was precariously situated on a wobbly rock...I couldn't make the width of the creek.
The left foot was on a snow and ice covered bank.

I couldn't stand and take the shot.
Squat...oh so much better. It really would be better if I just got a tinsy bit lower.
And lower.
Take a shot, change exposure.

My right foot slipped, the rock rolled, and I was sitting in creek water with the little falls splashing me in the face.

Automatically my camera hand [the right one] had gone straight up in the air...YES, save the camera at all costs.
I moved quickly with a couple of cuss words and reached around back to see just HOW wet I'd gotten.

Well lucky for me!
My coveralls immediately froze. The long underwear [thank you Cabelas!] kept me warm even though they were slightly damp.

We had a long and lovely hike -- if climbing through knee deep snow in places can be called lovely.
Poor Morris asked to get a lift again this time out, but we sure did find some great shots down in the creek bed.

So even with a dunking, it was a great time.
[4.5" + 31.5"= 36" of snow so far this winter season]

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