Sunday, January 11, 2009

Point and Shoot cameras

I'm considering a new digital camera.
It is supposed to be crushproof, waterproof, shockproof, and functional in frigid temps. It has a super macro up to, that is up close and personal.
This will be a pocket digital also. Many professional and hobby photographers dismiss the importance of a pocket camera saying that they are too limiting.

Ever try hiking and rock climbing with $2k worth of camera, along with all of its lenses???

How about horseback riding? Sledding?
At this point I own a Olympus Stylus 410.
Read more about it at Steves Digicams.
It was the first metal bodied digital camera in the world with rubber gaskets sealing it from weather, making it also 'weather resistant'. At 4 megapixels, I am able to make nice clear 8 by 10 photos. Sure it is slow to start up and didn't have all the bells and whistles of the newer pocket sized point and shoots.
It isn't the price of the camera that makes a good photo. It is the person behind the camera. With some knowledge of photography these 'limited' cameras can produce excellent shots, within their limits.
Everyone should have one in their pocket for that 'moment' that you wished you were able to take a picture!

I'm considering a much newer version of the Olympus Stylus called the 1030W. Again Steves Digicams offers a fairly nice review of the camera.

Yes I've considered a nice Canon Rebel or a Nikon DSLR type. But I just can't see banging around in the woods with them.Well I'll let you know how I get along with the 'new' camera when I do get it.
[It could be a little while yet...I'm having a hard time giving up my little Oly as it hasn't totally bit the dust yet. After 5 yrs of constant use and abuse, it still performs, but is exhibiting little funny glitches!]

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