Friday, January 30, 2009

I love winter...

Oookay. I'm probably contadicting myself somewhere here. I'm sure I was anxious for winter to end in some other post.

Well I was loving it.

It was a 'balmy' 6 degrees when I headed out the door with my cameras. The snow is deep in the woods, but today I was 'smart' and decided to follow only deer trails that are packed ...
of course the trails don't all go the way I want them to~~but close enough.

My destination?

The little creek.

It is a place I go so often that I swear, I must know every rock.
But the creek changes so drastically with temperature,
time of day, and the amount and type of light.

So each time I go, it is a 'different' creek.

Today there was frost developing on the pebbles in the creek. This due to the fact that I was at the spring where the water was warmer and sent up wisps of steam which froze on foliage and pebbles.

This was growing from a small rock in the water.
If you do wander off the trails, you can end up knee to hip deep in snow...with or without snow shoes.

The sun was bright today, which makes some of the photos a bit more challenging to take with the snow reflections. But I take these days as they come. Had it been overcast, my experience would have been completely different.

I needed to get out as my work schedule has gotten pretty intense this week and next, so I grab every moment to 'get out and play'.

So what can I say?
Today I sat on the frozen creek and listened to the water gurgle underneath me as it flowed beneath the ice.
It was like music. Hard to explain unless you were there. It was like a sweet song and very soothing.

I came home with bright red rosy cheeks and felt like a million from wading through snow and picking my way over and through ice, rocks, and water.

A few hours down at the creek rejuvenates me in a way I cannot explain.

So yeah...
guess I love winter.

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