Thursday, January 22, 2009

So cool

I got my new pretty little camera delivered by UPS today.
Thanks Dell for being so prompt!

Yes the Pentax Optio W60 so far, is waterproof as is says. I took photos in my sink with running water just to check it out.
It is built sturdy.
It has heft to it for a little camera.
All compartments are 'weather' sealed.

The differences from my old Oly?
Bigger LCD screen...much bigger!
The buttons are about the same size. The new Olympus 1050 SW offers a touch screen. Nice option, but seeing that my old Oly has brushed metal buttons that my fingers have worn the finish off from...I wanted to stay away from the 'touch' screen options.
The Pentax has some not so great features that I wouldn't even bother with.
They are more of a marketing tool.

The kid and pet option. Nice but the camera recognized my pet as a kid and since Morris is multi coat colored, the pet function noticed and focused in on his Hedgehog toy instead of him.

In camera editing. Well we know that most serious photographers don't usually edit with the options in their camera, but it did have a couple of interesting edits.

An option that is a real pain. The face detect and smile detect. None of the fungi and flora I photo, smile for me. So it looks like I 'may' have to disable this each time I take a photo?
I'll let you know more later.

Well....after taking the 'book' to work and reading it through and through, I was able set the functions I wanted and disable the annoying features. Now they don't show up when I start the camera.
I monkeyed with the infinite focus and the results were fantastic for sunsets.
Landscape also worked...okay, but the colors were good and the action was great...
The result was fabulous!!!

Of course I couldn't resist trying the super macro mode. Focus within 1 cm.
I blended my wrist watch with a sunset for this:I'm ready for some serious play as soon as I get a memory card for it. I just wish you didn't have to buy them separate!

This Pentax Optio W60 ROCKS!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations! I can't wait to see what you're going to come away with now that you have a waterproof camera. What fun! Tehse photos that you've already taken with it are amazing.