Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cure for winter duldrums

Okay it is cold, snowing, blowing, and overcast outside. So what should a person do??

I mean come on, I could sit inside all day and be domestic.
Like cook, bake, clean house [um, I vaccumed yesterday, and the day before that, I put away the Christmas stuff...and the day before that...I dusted some things...]...
Except that domestic stuff is not good for your health.

I mean it doesn't get your heart rate up right?

It isn't aerobic exercise right?

It doesn't make you shout YAHOOO!! Right?

In fact I cannot think of one thing about being *domestic* that adds to your health and mental well being.

Come on ... unless you are hunting 'dust bison' under the bed with a .410 or a super duper Red Devil Dust Buster. [I prefer the .410, messy, but it gets the job done]

I rest my case.
So Morris and I decided to go sledding.
Whaddya know, we brought the little flip video.

And shout WAHOOO!

1 comment:

  1. Brooke and I are just dying. We've been lying in her bed (she's very sick w/the flu) looking at your blog. LOVE this little video.