Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ice Hike

Oh I have so much catching up to do!

But here is the CliffNotes version.

New Year's Day we did Christmas with the kids. It was Yummy and fun. And of course I was a half zombie from not enough sleep from 3 rotating shifts ... but the grandkids loved their books...as much as Grandma Val loved reading the stories to them.

The 2nd was spent 'sleeping'. The 3rd, working.
We had an Ice Storm the night of the 3rd and into the 4th.
Yesterday was errands day...and then Morris and I~~~~~
went for a hike in the icy snow!

The top 10th of an inch or so was ice which sounded like breaking glass as we walked in it.
There was NO being quiet in the woods as we walked, the broken ice would skitter across the unbroken surface and slide down the hillside.

While we were deep in the creek bottom, Morris began to growl, his hackles raised, and he walked stiff legged...then the brave cuss backed into my legs.
It didn't take me long to discover the cause.

Ever get the feeling you are being watched?
Well we were.
I drew my pistol and put a round in the chamber.
Above us on the ridgetop stood the outline of a coyote.
It slinked away...we could hear it as it broke a new trail and the ice chips tinkled like glass.

The Coyotes are coming 'in season', so they do tend to get territorial.
I'm glad Morris has the good sense to stick close to me on our winter walks.

I just found the most hilarious video on YouTube regarding an interview with a Coyote.
The Coyote comments that his favorite meal is 'Dog on a Rope."

Watch it and laugh.

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