Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Visit with the surgeon...

Dr. L walks in the room.
Doc: So is this the free surgery or is it the next one?
We all laugh [remember the card? buy 3 get one free?]

Rich: Hey doc, how are yah?
Doc: Fine how are you?
[me--guys, uh, I'm the patient!]

Doc: So let's see what we have today, the 6 week follow up. He pokes and prods and asks questions.
Then says: Been riding?

Me: Yup.
Doc: I haven't said you could.
Me: You said I couldn't ride
'donkeys', I rode my mule.
Doc gives me the look.

Me: So you going to let me ride?
Doc: Wear your cast ...
Me: I burnt it.
Doc: [big sigh]
Me: I promise to be good and careful.
Doc: [bigger sigh] So in general how does it feel?

I tell him good unless I push it.
Then I ask him what he actually did in there.

He says he took out the tendon and cut off the piece that looked like shattered glass, and [some other things], then reattached it.
[OH boy,
THAT is why I need to be careful! It was re-attached!!!]

Rich: Doc, did you do a lobotomy on her?
Rich: Did you do a lobotomy on her? She's been canning, making jellies, applesauce, applecrisp, she made a cake, cooking, sewing....
Doc: She's being domestic???? [he looks at me as if mystified]... If I'd done a lobotomy on her, she'd be doing THAT at MY house!!!

Me: Ok, so I WAS going to bring you some apple jelly, but...
Doc: Oh YES please, I'll be looking forward to some in 6 weeks! In 6 weeks we should be able to release you to doing anything you want.

Me: [sigh]
Doc: Oh Val, you can go sky diving if you want. [he winks]
Doc pauses as he gets ready to leave...: Val, how ever did I know that you would go riding anyway?

So I am much stronger than he anticipated and doing awesome in his words. But since I cannot touch my right thumb to my right shoulder and have significant diminished elbow range of motion, I am returning to OT.

I had NO idea that he actually cut most of the tendon out and did reattaching to bone.
EWWW. Gross.

But I'm feeling better than ever.

Sky diving indeed!
Anyone know how much it costs???

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  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    NO skydiving. Tried it twice and it's not a natural thing for people to do. Ick is right. reattaching anything sounds serious. Maybe just take it a little easy so you will heal up for sure. YOU take care.


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