Monday, October 06, 2008

Of Burrs, Bees, & Badger

The thermometer said 71 degrees. The breeze was light. I knew that we wouldn't have many more days like this, so I grabbed Mr. Mule and we headed out to the woods.
Well, we couldn't help it could we?

With the world 'gone mad' --- meaning the news regarding the global economy --- I decided to get away from it all.

I draped the back end of Badger with day glow orange, and tossed his English saddle on him. This is my concession to the weight restrictions that my surgeon has imposed upon me.

After about a quarter mile through some hilly terrain, I dismounted and 'snugged' Badger up. How can one mule swallow ALL that air??

I remounted and we walked along the trail, me searching the woods and trying to avoid burdocks and other kinds of burrs that were begining to adhere to Badger. He suddenly began to stomp his back feet and gave a short bunny hop.
Ground bees. We took off at a rather quick pace for the terrain we were in [downed trees, rocks, and a ravine]. I did however enjoy the rather quick pace, but once Mr. Mule decided he was safe he resumed his casual pace.

A bit further on we stopped to watch a bunch of Tom Turkeys trot through the woods. Now that the undergrowth is dying off, it is easier to spot them.
Next was some deer. We were riding quiet enough not to spook them.
Too far away for my point and shoot camera.

We headed down to the creek as the sun began to fade out of the valley.
The creek never fails to amaze me, I love the peaceful sounds it makes as the water runs over its rocks.

This evening brought one more surprise as the sky's golden light was reflected in the water. I was lucky to 'catch' this.
Badger and I stayed for a while, me admiring the water reflections and the forest sounds,...he enjoying the fact that I was letting him munch on the bright green grass under his feet.

We did head home through a semi darkness. But arrived at our driveway to see the last of the day heading below the ridge tree tops.

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