Tuesday, October 21, 2008


October is nearly over.
I can't believe it.

This means the winter is not far behind.
I'm sure hoping that we don't have one like last year.

Well on Sunday we had a fantastic day. The weather was awesome and warm. We met up with our neighbors and went riding.
Judy got to ride Fred as this was her first 'real' ride. We stuck her in the middle and gave her basic training.
and the steering issues.

Fred was a super troooper. He never waivered nor took a misstep for Judy. He was however not happy with traveling behind Badger and had to pass him whenever possible.

Fred has been such a fantastic animal for us. Yes he is little but he has such a big heart. Okay, he does dislike being caught and pretty much ignores being curried [we know he likes it though].
He is the ultimate 4 wheel-hooved drive.

We enjoyed a special dessert afterward and apple cider!
I had to do a bunch of smiling as Judy kept saying *Wow!*
*Oh My!*
*Oh this is beautiful!*

I do believe she had a good time, and so did her husband who rode their horse Chaps.

Yep it was a *wow* day.

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