Monday, October 13, 2008

Let 'em run...

*Go out and play*

That is something every parent has said to their child for eons I think. I'm particularly lucky in that when we say it...they can do it...
Meaning my grand kids of course.

What better things can a grandma and grandpa offer the children than a safe place in the countryside to 'go out and play'.
We don't need playground equipment when there are round bales stacked end to end that make a perfect place to explore and have adventures on.

Of course Morris found it his duty to stick to Ariel like glue. She loved to boss him around and he loved to ignore her [mostly]. I must admit though, he really preferred her company to mine!

[Traitor dog!]

Our weekend was filled with fun and joy. The kids spent most of their time outdoors and played hard.
We had many walks in the woods.

My regret?
This doesn't happen often enough.


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    The traitor dog certainly looks like he's happy with his serious job of kid watching. You are an amazing grandma.

  2. Niki~he loves the kids and is still walking around as if he has lost his heart.
    I expect he'll recover as JRT's do.

  3. I LOVE these pictures, especially that first one, and the video is precious. :) What fun they must have with you and their grandpa!


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