Friday, October 17, 2008

Job offer

My new job starts on Monday.
Yeah if you've been following this blog, you know I've been looking and had started at Wallyworld.
This job offers double the pay.
The bennies are better.

For me? No comparison.
Plus I get to see the sun rise over the Mississippi river as part of my job!

The job is in a whole new direction. Something I've never done before and have no experience in.
As I told my interviewer, ~ Consider this, I have no bad habits you have to break and I come into your company as a blank slate. You can train me the way your company wants me to be.

I had to compete with 36 other applicants.

So when I was told tonight that I was 'selected', I felt like I'd just won a prize.

My job? Security Officer.

Why? The hours please me and so does the challenge.

Besides, I've been a waitress, a teller,
a gas jockey, an insurance underwriter, a cashier,
a telephone order person, a transcriptionist, a babysitter,
a mom, a grandma, and an office worker...
why not another to add to my list?

1 comment:

  1. Well congrats, again! I've often thought having a job as a Security Officer might be something I might like, too, mostly because I like to be alone a lot. I'm happy for you, and glad the hours are good, too. :)