Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fall is Here...

When in doubt, return to the forest.
...or when you need to recharge...get your trusty mule and go for a ride.

That's what I did this afternoon.

In fact we made more than one trip into the woods. The second trip was where I found this incredible looking mushroom it was about 10" tall.
Orange and beautiful.

We had a hard frost this morning. A 'killing' frost as they term it. Things are quickly wilting and I fear that this is the begining of the cold season. I welcome fall each year but with a bit of reluctance. I hate to see summer go, yet once the colors are into full swing, I enjoy fall.

Then comes brown season. Until 'white' season. Then 'mud' season. Well, I DO live in Wisconsin. It all can be very lovely.

Last night I took my dear sweet hubby to the ER. He had been sanding and grinding on metal and got a chunk of metal in his cornea.
That hurts.
Not to mention, it makes you very sensitive to light.

Well, I'm hoping he gets cured up soon.

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